Who's Tagged is a photo game where you have to recognize pictures of your Facebook Friends. It is up to you to guess which friend is tagged.
The game is Created by the Belgian developers of Simit.

Why this game?
A lot of people are still not aware of how many of their facebook friends are in fact complete strangers
We want to make people aware with whom they share a large part of their lives. Though Facebook offers the ability to share only with friends, that's very aimless if you keep accepting all friendship-requests you receive.

How does it work?
The game works with levels, every level you see a random picture of one of your friends. You have an amount of time to recognize this person and give the right answer.
If you do not immediately recognize the person, it is possible to use some hints (namehints,extra photo,...) or you can just skip the person.

When you failed to recognize one of your friends in time or gave the wrong answer, you can start a new game. Almost every game shows new random pictures of random friends you have on Facebook.

In the game you also have achievements to complete such as recognize X different friends or guess X pictures right. The main goal is ofcourse to recognize all your friends in a row, with using as less hints as possible.
Next to that to beat your and your friends topscores.

Will you recognize all your friends? Do you know them all? Have fun and Good luck!